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January 15, 2016

Your Comfort Dentists are oral surgery experts

oral surgeon plantation flWhen you’ve got a complex dental case that requires oral surgery, you don’t have to look far to find an oral surgeon. The skilled team at Comfort Dentists have you covered! We’ve got extensive experience performing a variety of oral surgeries, the most common of which are listed below. Keep reading to learn more about options in oral surgery from your oral surgeon in Plantation FL!

Plantation oral surgery solves your dental issues

If you need oral surgery, there’s no reason to fear when you trust the Comfort Dentists. We’ve got the experience and skills you expect, as well as options in sleep dentistry to make sure you are completely comfortable throughout your procedure.

Wisdom teeth extractions

You probably thought you were long finished growing your adult teeth, but did you know that we can gain our third molars, or wisdom teeth, into our early thirties? It comes as a surprise for many patients — especially because the eruption is often accompanied by real, painful problems, like tooth crowding, infection or impaction. When these issues occur, extraction is necessary.

Sleep apnea

It’s estimated that some 22 million Americans suffer from the condition known as sleep apnea — many of whom don’t realize they’ve got a problem. But when left untreated, sleep apnea leads to a host of issues, including heart disease, heart attack and stroke. If a removable oral device didn’t solve your sleep apnea, the Comfort Dentists can help with an oral surgery to remove the soft tissue blocking the airway.

Jaw misalignment

When something’s wrong with the alignment of your jaw, you feel it. Facial pain and difficulty chewing are likely to occur. An oral surgery can help take stress off your jaw by realigning it, allowing your mouth to open and close like it should.

Dental implant placement

The Comfort Dentists can perform your entire dental implant procedure, including placement and restoration, all under one roof. Many dentists aren’t qualified to perform the initial surgery, which involves surgically placing the implant into the space left by each missing tooth. Fortunately for you, your Plantation oral surgeon is highly trained in implant surgery.


When something doesn’t look quite right with your mouth, we can remove a piece of the suspicious-looking tissue and have it sent to the lab for testing.

Tooth repair

When facial accidents happen, you can feel comforted knowing the Comfort Dentists. We can perform reconstructive surgery to restore the function of your teeth, mouth and jaws, while also restoring your wonderful appearance.

Trust the Plantation oral surgeons

The next time you need an oral surgeon, you know who to call. Don’t hesitate to request your appointment in Plantation! We’re here to restore your oral health, comfortably and effectively.

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