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September 20, 2016

A Plantation Dentist Reveals the 4 Worst Tooth Eroding Foods

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Which foods does my Plantation dentist think I should avoid? This list is definitely going to break some hearts. Food can be very special to people beyond nourishment. Feelings of comfort, nostalgia, and even joy can be associated with food. That’s why there will probably be some tears shed before this list is over, but you’ll be better for it. These are 4 foods that will erode your teeth, presented by a Plantation dentist. Don’t worry, there will be teeth saving tips at the end.

1. Sugary Drinks

No quarter will be given as the first offender out of the gate is also the worst. Sodas, energy drinks, and even fruit juices are some of the worst products you can consume when it comes to your teeth. It all comes down to sugar, which these drinks are teeming with, and how your mouth processes it. Whenever you consume a sugary drink, a portion of that sugar gets left on your teeth. Natural bacteria then feeds on this sugar, which then creates an acid that eats away at your enamel. The left over residue is known as plaque. This is what you are literally brushing away when you brush your teeth or floss. Some people ingest sugary drinks throughout the entire day, so their teeth are constantly being assaulted.

 2. Citrus Fruit

Yes, evenly seemingly healthy foods can be damaging to your teeth. Acid is the arch-enemy of your enamel, so fruits like lemons, limes, oranges, and pineapple can strip your enamel if consumed on a regular basis. These, along with various types of berries, naturally contain the acid which can wear your teeth down.

3. Sticky Foods

This can include foods such as candies or dried fruit. Once again, these tend to be high in sugar, which leads to an increased amount of acid being produced in your mouth. Many people snack on these throughout the day and don’t think about the portion-size. The sticky nature compounds the issue because it literally facilitates the sugar clinging to your teeth, helping to eat them away.

4. Vinegar

This is the dark horse of this list. Many people add vinegar to their salad as a healthy alternative to dressing, but did you know vinegar has a high acid content? Vinegar also can appear in one of the most popular snack foods in the world: potato chips. Consistent exposure to vinegar is similar to citrus fruit, in that you are consistently give your teeth an enamel eroding acid bath.

What Can I Do?

A few simple steps can help mitigate the effects of these foods. Firstly, as you dry your tears, you do not need to completely give them up. Sodas are not forbidden, so you can relax. The key is to consume them in moderation and supplement your soda intake with water. High water intake can also lead to limited snacking on fruit and candies, which can further help to preserve your teeth. Should you consume these foods, resist the urge to apply this knowledge by simply brushing immediately after you have them.  You should wait at least 30 minutes after consuming these foods to allow your enamel to harden after it has been softened by the acid. If you brush too soon after eating these foods, your enamel will be too soft and you will simply brush it away. Something as simple as rinsing your mouth out with water afterwards can greatly help your teeth. This knowledge, along with standard oral hygiene can help keep your teeth strong for years. If you want to know more about what you can do for your teeth, please give us a call today.

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