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April 28, 2016

Plantation dentists suggest foods for a healthy mouth

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Oral health depends a lot on what you put in your mouth. Drs. Weiss, Waldee and Hohimer advise several foods for strong teeth and vibrant gum tissue.

Brushing, flossing and routine 6-month check-ups with your Plantation dentist maintain strong tooth enamel and healthy soft tissues. What else helps keep your mouth at its very best? Drs. Weiss, Waldee and Hohimer tell patients that a nutritious diet not only benefits the waistline but also wards off gum disease and dental decay. What top foods should you consume for a long-lasting smile?

Build a tooth-friendly diet

You understand the negative side of diet and oral health. Sugars and starches–soda pop, candy, soft white bread–they’re the stuff plaque is made of and that oral bacteria love. So, limit these choices to guard against cavities and gum disease.

What foods are on the positive side? After years of expert dental practice, your Plantation dentists make these recommendations:

Drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water daily. Scientists say the human body is largely water. So, it’s important for basic physiology. Beyond that, water washes gums and tooth enamel, particularly after a meal. While it can’t substitute for brushing and flossing, its cleansing ability reduces plaque and tartar and also keeps salivary glands pumping.

Aim for 3 cups of low-fat dairy daily. Cheese, milk, yogurt–add tooth-building calcium to our diets. Additionally, when you pair hard cheeses, such as cheddar, with high-acid foods, such as tomato sauce, the cheese buffers the corrosive effects of the acid. Less acid in the mouth means less wear and tear on tooth enamel.

Eat raw onions and garlic.  Yes, they’re aromatic, but besides being stinky and tasty, onions and garlic shoo fats out of your system and reduce oral bacteria, culprits in decay and periodontitis.

Eat lean proteins–beans, chicken, nuts, fish, and eggs. They support strong gums and viable soft tissues, such as the tongue.

Consume fibrous fruits and vegetables. The famous DASH diet from the Mayo Clinic, though aimed at improving blood pressure values, keeps your mouth healthy, too. The key to fruits and vegetables is fiber. These items tend to be low in sugars and packed with tooth-cleansing fiber. Aim for 4 to 5 servings of fruits AND 4 to 5 servings of vegetables each day. Carrots and apples are fibrous, tasty and portable, too.

Sugarless gum helps after meals. OK, gum is not really a food, but the xylitol in sugarless gum reduces acids and stimulates saliva. When you cannot brush, chew sugarless gum.

Be intentional about oral health

While it may be hard for some patients to eliminate all the dietary choices that are bad for teeth and gums, anyone can add good items to their daily intake. Start with upping your water intake, and begin selecting other items that you really like. The good habits tend to push out the bad, and you and your Plantation dentist will notice a positive change in your oral health.

For your routine check-up, contact the office of Sleep Dentists in Plantation today.

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