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Plantation Endodontics (Root Canals)

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If all of us had a dollar for every joke we've ever heard about root canals, we'd all be rich! Somehow, over the years, the root canal procedure became synonymous with all the old clichés about dental care... Well, that was then - and modern Endodontics is now.

Endodontics literally means inside the tooth, where a combination of blood vessels, tissues, and nerves (pulp) help to nourish and develop your tooth's roots and crown. Sometimes the pulp becomes inflamed and painful, and it may heal on its own, but sometimes it becomes infected and the increased swelling will result in severe pain. Because the inside of the tooth is not connected to your blood supply, antibiotics cannot stop the infection.

Infected Tooth Treatment

Large deep cavities in the tooth can give bacteria access to the tooth root, the perfect place for them to thrive and develop infections. Because the inflammation reduces the blood flow to the pulp, antibiotics are ineffective and healing is severely compromised.

Multiple fillings, placed over time, can reduce the strength of the tooth, increasing risk of fracture, injury to the pulp, and also allows bacterial access.

Tooth trauma from accidents and injury compromises the tooth much like multiple fillings do.

At one time, teeth with inflamed and infected pulp were simply extracted - it was the only way a patient could get relief from discomfort. But our state-of-the-art technology allows our specialists at Comfort Dentists to remove the infected pulp, treat the infection, and permanently seal the canal with inert filling material which gives the tooth internal support, allowing you to keep your tooth and keep it infection-free for a lifetime.

At Comfort Dentists, our doctors handle all aspects of endodontics with care and compassion, and for more complex cases, a referral to a specialist, with whom we have built a trusting relationship, will be arranged. Modern techniques and materials coupled with our joint expertise in endodontics and sleep dentistry remove the anxiety, fear, and pain that many patients immediately and unnecessarily associate with the words "root canal."

We do everything we can to prevent our patients from the pain of tooth inflammation and infection or the possible loss of a tooth. If any of your teeth ache or are temperature-sensitive, please gives us a call at (954) 424-6500 right away for a consultation.

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