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Tooth Extractions in Plantation

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Many teeth that have been damaged through decay, infection, trauma, or periodontal (gum) disease can be saved through treatment and intervention, but when a tooth is beyond repair, your oral and overall health demands that it be safely removed.

At our Plantation general dentistry, our team of experienced and trusted dental specialists, including our resident Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon Dr. Andrew Norkin, will analyze each individual case to create a treatment plan that ensures your safety and comfort. And there's no need to travel to an unknown practice - we will take care of you right here at our convenient and comfortable practice.

Sleep Dentistry Options

As certified experts in sleep dentistry, our anesthesiologists are always available to make sure your extraction is done comfortably - eliminating anxiety, fear, and pain. We will evaluate exactly how much and what type of anesthetic meets your needs and will be present during the entire procedure, giving you meticulous one-to-one care throughout.

After the procedure is completed, a recovery period of a few days is normal. Our dentists and professional team will monitor every aspect of your recovery to make certain it's as pain-free and quick as possible.

It's important as well to remember that removing a tooth that cannot be saved helps keep infection from potentially entering your blood stream and affecting other parts of your body. Did you know that the bacteria in dental plaque is linked to increased risk factors for diabetes, Alzheimer's, a number of cancers, osteoporosis, and even pre-mature birth?

Always at Comfort Dentists, you are our focus - your comfort, your overall health, and the service and care you receive from our team. If an extraction is part of your treatment plan, please let us will put you at ease with our experienced and deliberate care.

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