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Oral Surgery in Plantation, FL

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Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery is required for many treatments and procedures that many of us require in our lifetimes. When a more-complex case presents the need for surgery, Comfort Dentists' highly skilled dentists offer you state-of-the-art specialty care and after oral surgery care instructions.

Benefits of Oral Surgery

Most of us have third molars which are most commonly referred to as wisdom teeth. It's estimated that up to 20% of young Americans with otherwise healthy teeth develop impacted wisdom teeth, or teeth erupting in the wrong direction, pushing against the second molars. Oral surgeons safely and quickly remove these impacted teeth before they can do serious damage to your other teeth or even your jawbone.

Some facial pain can be attributed to misaligned jaws or unequal jaw growth causing stress on nerves and muscles in the jaw and face. This often requires oral surgery to realign the jaw, restoring balance.

Oral surgery can help some patients who suffer from sleep apnea by removing some of the soft tissue that blocks the airway during sleep and causes suffers to actually stop breathing 5-30 times or more an hour. The associated effects of sleep apnea can be debilitating.

Removal and biopsy of benign or cancerous tumors or cysts in a patient's jaw, gums, and supporting tissues of teeth is done by oral surgery.

Accidents can happen to anyone, anywhere. Teeth repairs often require intricate and exacting reconstructive surgery to restore function to the jaw, mouth, and teeth, and to optimize appearance.

Choose Plantation Dentistry, Comfort Dentists

Our Plantation dentists can treat these conditions conveniently and efficiently without the need for you to waste precious time and effort searching out another specialist in another part of the State. Certified to provide anesthesia and sleep dentistry to all our patients, including children and those with special needs, right here on our premises, we will always offer you excellent state-of-the-art compassionate care.

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